Celine trunk show in Taiwan

April 2, 2014


自從Phoebe Philo任職品牌創意總監後,Celine每一季的設計走向都讓霧裡看花,不斷的帶來新的衝擊,我倒覺得Phoebe是品牌的救命恩人,他的不按牌理出牌,讓這超過半個世紀的經典老牌,不再是以往那個熟淑女品牌,變成讓Fashionista趨之若鶩的Trend Leader。



外稿做久了,突然以非記者的身份出席這類時裝活動,真有點不習慣!只記得拍產品跟模特兒,用手機做筆記,活動結束後才發現,又不是做報導,完全忘記這應該是一篇很Enjoy在其中的Dairy post,哈哈。下次改進。


I felt super lucky to be invited to Celine’s 2014 SS trunk show, right after I just posted a CLog post about it! This is kind of a new experience to me, I’ve worked around shows and events in Europe, but never in Taiwan, my home town.

The shows strated by a famous Taiwanese Stylist (we call him Master Chen), it was like a lesson that we were taking, a lesson about the new trend and how to mix and match by using the latest collection of Celine. Speaking of the new season, Celine’s brush stroke prints, irregular chiffon skirt, and the silhouette that couldn’t be defined are part of my favorite seasonal trends. I just love that after Phoebe has taken over Celine since 2007, she doesn’t need to explain her idea ever. Cause it’s simply just leading the trends with her magical minimal character but makes every phenomena EXTREME.

Very nice to see and touch the clothes closely with a interesting lesson, this is seriously something different from Europe.

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