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It means something Sweet.

February 19, 2014

我最喜歡的香水莫過於花果基調, 雖然在於穿著上我有些標新立異,但對於女人的體香,還是偏向保守派。對我來說,一個人的”女人味“是最重要的,身為一個女的卻沒有女人的特質,太可惜了啦。很老派的,我擁有的香水八九不離玫瑰,其他的花香對我來說總有點無聊跟沒有記憶點。但我倒是很喜歡這瓶Dolce,以白色花朵為主要調性的香水,小家碧玉,倒也令人難以忘懷,想必是後味中,淡淡的一抹木質調幫了不少忙。推薦給所有 “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”的女性。


這天除了來聽香水的故事,化妝師還特別為我訂製了一款妝容,且替我準備了Dolce香水廣告裡女主角身穿的白色蕾絲洋裝,任我在旗艦店內玩耍。感謝Dolce e Gabbana安排了這麼可愛的小會面,想不到現實申活中,也能遇見神仙教母,讓我體驗香噴噴的一日灰姑娘之旅:)

I love fragrance based on Flowers and Fruits’ scent. I’m kind of a conservative when it comes to fragrance, most of mines are based on Rose, which is the most feminine flower TO ME. Other flower’s scent are a little bit bored or always the same to me. However, I like this Dolce very much. Though it’s mostly made by white flowers,  some how it makes a woman unforgettable, thanks to the little wood scent in the base. If you are a “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” kind of people, this is made for you.

By the way, my favorite way of wearing a fragrance is “dancing in the rain”, haha.

Special thanks to Dolce e Gabbana for this delightful experience, it’s my first time to be in a Dolce e Gabbana total look :D

What I Was Wearing:

Total Look by Dolce e Gabbana

Photo by Eliana Kuo

Styling and Editing by Yu Lee

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