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Hogan Menswear 2014-15 AW

January 12, 2014

一直以來Hogan對我來說就是個”爺奶牌“,只有爺爺奶奶級人物才會穿他們家的經典休閒鞋,你知道,就是頭有點尖,然後氣墊有點高的那個鞋。直到這幾年品牌開始轉變形象,不僅將商品年輕化或是加入潮流元素提升辨識度,更增加了服裝線的生產,才讓Hogan變成一個完整的Made in Italy服飾品牌,在潮流人士身上的能見度也逐漸升高。

Hogan女裝與LOVE雜誌總編Katie Grand合作超過三季,本季男裝則找來前Jimmy Choo的設計總監Simon Holloway設計品牌的第一季男裝Ready-to-wear,我還沒有看到新聞稿但非常明顯的,Simon將六零年代復古的造型拆解重組,混搭Biker、Teddy Boy和些許的Mod’s,塑造出2015年秋冬屬於Hogan男性的”Biker’s Dandy Style”。衝突的組合一直是我喜歡的穿搭元素,Biker的不羈配上Dandy的紳士的確是現在非常主流的風格,若是能穿得好看,原本紳士的男子會更加紳士,本就不羈的人也就更加不羈了。若要問我有什麼不喜歡的,大概就是品牌LOGO大大的打在長袖綿T上稍嫌老氣(所以我沒拍),若能小一點或稍微修改一下LOGO,可能跟現在的品牌形象會比較符合些。不過也沒人問我就是了,哈哈。

雖然這次沒有做男裝週的報導,但Hogan的品牌發表是絕對不能錯過的!庭園派對也好,花園下午茶也罷,他們總是能將發表會辦得有聲有色,今晚的發表派對也是門庭若市,甚至搬來兩台重機助陣,美酒、帥模、新品,還有酷到不行的DJ Leigh Lezark,又是一個愉快的夜晚。天都快亮啦,晚安啦,明天繼續男裝週小札記囉。

I used to think of old people whenever I think of Hogan (oops), because it used to be famous about the comfort but not the style. However I really love their recent move of changing their branding into a younger, more colorful, and more energetic character! Not to mention now they produce Ready-to-wear as well.

Since the womenswear has collaborated with Katie Grand for 3 seasons, Hogan named Simon Holloway, the former Jimmy Choo designer to create this special project of 2015 AW menswear line. As you can see, Simon played RETRO theme in his collection, the FIRST ready-to-wear of Hogan menswear is a combination of 60’s biker, teddy boy and mod’s, I think we can call it ” Biker’s Dandy Style”. I always like the ideal of combining two things in contract. But if I have to say, I think the huge logo print on the T-shirt is a bit…still old. If they can make it smaller or change a little bit of it must be better. Well, no one asked me anyway, haha!

One can never miss a Hogan presentation/ party! Even though I don’t need to report men’s fashion week I still have to come because they simply just know how to make their event so attractive. I’m gonna go to bed now, hope you enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow with another little diary:)

Photos by Yu Lee

All rights reserved to YUTOPIA

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