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October 29, 2013

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一直聞聽巴黎在時裝週期間總是寒風刺骨,所以在穿這套衣服之前,我一個人在房裡躊躇了許久,一來怕冷死街頭,二來穿這樣摟空的禮服走在大街上,還真有點…….更別說都穿成這樣了如果沒人要理我,就真的太糗啦,但背負著宣傳台灣新銳設計師的重擔,只能硬著頭皮硬上,踩者浪上去。好在不管認識的攝影師也好,不認識的也罷,大家都滿捧場的,雖然路人時常投以異樣的眼光,但Who Cares~~最後的影像多美啊!想跟大家分享這篇是因為,一直收到讀著來信,好奇我時裝週走在路上是怎麼樣的情景,我想,分享這天的情況給你們,是再適合不過了:) 希望日後能替更多台灣有才華的設計師前往歐洲宣傳,你看我為了你們什麼都做得出來哈哈!

People always tell me that Paris Fashion Week is always freezing cold, so before I dressed this lace gown I was a little terrify in the room. What if it’s too cold to wear a transparent dress under this kind of weather? What if it’s too exaggerated for me to dress like this on the street? However I promised the designers that I’m gonna do my best to help them promote their work, which means there’s no way back. Thank god no matter the photographers knew me or not, at least they gave me a great mount of shots. Though there were some passengers gave me a strange look, but who cares! The images were so nice! The reason that I did this post is because I got a lot of readers asking me, what is it like outside of the fashion shows. I think to share with you what happened on this day is the best way :) Hope I can help more designers in the future to show their excellent design! Look at what I can do haha :D

What I Was Wearing:

earrings Nico Yang

dress Byblos

jacket Somewhere in TW

Photo by Eliana Kuo

Styling and Editing by Yu Lee

All Rights Reserved by YUTOPIA

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