Fashion week Look

MFW day 3

October 7, 2013

IMG_9954拷貝 IMG_9999拷貝 IMG_0083拷貝 IMG_0395拷貝 IMG_0022拷貝 IMG_0169拷貝 IMG_0182拷貝 IMG_0201拷貝 IMG_0291 IMG_0266拷貝IMG_0254拷貝IMG_0363拷貝 IMG_0274拷貝 IMG_0263拷貝 IMG_0406拷貝說到時裝週我最喜歡做的一件事,就是在秀後走到後台去拍拍衣服和欣賞慌亂換裝的模特兒(?),當然還免不了嚐嚐品牌準備的小食和香檳,不是貪小便宜,而是時裝週跑起來都不知道下一頓飯在哪,所以餐餐都要把握!最近總算不用再東奔西跑了,但不免有些想念那些小點心跟香檳:P

常聽人說“人生如戲”,對我來說在這場戲中如何變換角色,就是靠服飾來決定。穿了兩天的裙子,這天我選擇了乾淨利落的褲裝,靈感來自於前幾季Moschino的女鬥牛士,只是我將它轉換為女飆仔路線,哈哈!我身上這件黑底格紋的襯衫來自台灣自創品牌Inheritance Map,品牌風格清新素雅,我一眼就喜歡上這件襯衫。雖然這件襯衫本人想走的可能不是這般辣妹路線,但我想,將每件衣服的可能性放到最大,搭配上也有趣許多,不是嗎?

我很喜歡Inheritance Map秋冬新品的概念,所以會再寫一篇Post來跟大家分享:)

What I love about fashion week is that they serve food and champaign everywhere :P Not that I’m a ghetto girl, but you really don’t know when can you have a proper meal during fashion week, so whenever I see food service at the back stage, I feel like crying, haha.

As we all say life is like a drama, for me, the figure to change our character is what we decide to wear. For the first 2 days of mfw I wear skirt so I choose to wear pants at the third day. I was inspired by the lady bullfighter of Moschino couple seasons ago, though I changed it a bit to make it more like a lady rider. Do you like the shirt? It’s from Taiwanese label Inheritance Map, a very elegant and gentle, the shirt caught my eye immediately because I like the femininity and lady sense of it. It might not made to be like the style i was doing, but it’s such an interest thing to enlarge the possibility of any kind of clothe, don’t you think?

For the real theme of Inheritance Map, please stay tuned for my coming post:)

What I Was Wearing:

jacket Some Where in TW

earring H&M

shirt Inheritance Map

pants Stradivarius

bag boutique in Florence

heels sorry I forgot…

You can find Inheritance Map in Hotel V, Taipei:)

Photo by Yu Lee and George Lee

All Rights Reserved by YUTOPIA


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