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MFW day 2

October 6, 2013

IMG_5421拷貝 IMG_5452拷貝 IMG_5409拷貝 IMG_5543拷貝 IMG_5892拷貝 IMG_5919拷貝 IMG_5371拷貝 IMG_5442拷貝 IMG_5796拷貝 IMG_6094拷貝 IMG_5533拷貝 IMG_6100拷貝 IMG_6105拷貝 IMG_6135拷貝 IMG_6445拷貝 IMG_6305拷貝 IMG_6252拷貝 IMG_6672拷貝我記得這天行程滿檔,一早9:30的Blugirl,之後就接連著Fendi、Coustume National、Prada,晚上跟台灣來的媒體們及Prada公關一起共進中秋晚餐,還吃到了香港來的蛋黃月餅,又緊接著到Elisabetta Franchi的派對發表會,一整天馬不停蹄,累歸類但好不痛快!這天我穿著來自台灣的Fabitoria印花裙在路上頻頻被人追問,有人誤以為是意大利某大品牌的新作,也有人不斷把台灣品牌聽成泰國品牌(Taiwan, Thailand傻傻分不清楚,唉),但我還是好好地傳達了,這來自台灣的美麗品牌,兩個小女生創立的。另外有人發現我左手腕上的手環嗎?我已經在Facebook上數次表達對Cor-date的喜愛,表達到甚至有人反應我偏愛小金龜子哈!我沒什麼手環類的飾品,這“尋覓”系列的金龜子手鍊,很符合我對於首飾的喜愛,細膩卻很高調。(差點被我的韓國朋友當場拔掉,希望Cor-date能快快完成國際購物網站,好讓不在台灣的外國人們也能買到來自台灣的好設計:),姿嬙,沒給你太大壓力吧嘿嘿!)其實一開始我感到壓力很大,帶著台灣品牌擅闖國際舞臺,若無法得到預期內的效果,真是不堪設想…好在來自台灣的設計很爭氣,我也沾了不少光:)

It was a super busy day, I had a full scheduled day from morning to midnight,  was SO tired but so satisfied. Do you like my outfits today? I love the digital printed dress, if you’ve read my early post from Venice, it’s easy to find that Taiwanese label Fabitoria is my recent favorite. I’ve been asking where dose the skirt come from for a hundred times that day, it’s such a pleasure that every likes the design from Taiwan. Also the bracelet, if you remember again haha, on my Facebook I’ve been talking about Cor-Date for so many times. I like the little insect figure on it, and the touch of vintage jewelry. (and my Korean friend nearly teared it from my arm once she saw it, let’s hope the designer girl of Cor-Date can quickly put her international e-commerce platform online so everyone from the world can has it:)) I’m still so glad that I had the chance to carry these beautiful Taiwanese design to Fashion Week and earned a lot of applause.


What I Was Wearing 

top Zara

jacket Some where from TW/師大夜市

skirt Fabitoria

bracelet Cor-Date

heels MMM X H&M

earrings Les Nereides

Earlier post in Venice Click Here

Pics by George Lee

All Rights Reserved by YUTOPIA



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