Fashion week Look

MFW day 1

September 24, 2013

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這是我第一次帶著自己的攝影師在米蘭時裝週闖蕩,這一次,總算我不用在網路上到處搜尋是否有我的身影能留作紀念。儘管到了米蘭時裝週已經結束我才開始更新自己的時裝週日記,但trust me因為實在是忙斃了。米蘭這回天公作美,整整六天都放晴,剛入秋的歐洲氣候宜人,好天氣不止氣象預報這麼說,Fashionista們也如是,跟春夏時裝週相互輝映,人們的穿著讓米蘭可謂之花團錦簇,百花盛開。我不是一個穿著多繽紛的人,但這天我使用不同的pattren搭配出活潑的淑女氣息,紅唇配上紅鞋,企圖營造50年代超完美嬌妻的感覺但還是保有自己的個性。Alysi這個義大利品牌一開始讓我有點卻步,怕這樣歐風的設計我身材撐不起來,但配上橘紅色的高跟鞋後整個比例挺好的其實,你說呢?這天的Gucci, Daniele Carlotta還有Hogan現場我會繼續慢發(不要逼我),敬請期待囉!

What’s up people!!! MIlan fashion week is over (thank god) and I’m now writing to you from Paris:) It’s was super sunny everyday back in Milan fashion week, fashionistas were like flowers from the spring, colorful, vivid, and romantic. Due to it was a Spring Summer fashion week, I have to say this was by far the best fashion week I’ve ever attended. And I have my own photographer this time can you see? Finally I don’t have to look through streetstyle site from day to night just to find if there would be 1 or 2 pictures of mine. On this day I was wearing an Italian brand called Alysi, the design is super Italian but absolutely elegant. At first I was a bit afraid that it’d be too casual on me, however, with a touch of red lips and red heels makes me look like a young lady from the 50’s! What do you think? Stay tuned for my coming post about fashion week, there are a lot of shows, event ans outfits that I wanna share!


What I was wearing:

turtle neck top ALYSI

skirt ALYSI

belt somewhere in Taiwan

sunglasses Spektre

heels &other Stories

bag boutique in Florence

photo by Yu Lee and George Lee

me by George Lee

all rights reserved by YUTOPIA

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