Back to school style for no school days

September 3, 2013

IMG_0381 IMG_0369 IMG_0233 未命名-1 IMG_0281 未命名-2 IMG_0298 IMG_0224學院風對我來說,一直都不侷限於格紋、襯衫、西裝外套或百褶裙這樣的制服元素,只要看起來年輕活潑像剛從學校跑出來都行,遙記得,當年我剛來義大利時,人們還以為我才高中畢業呢(唉)。雖然年紀以及身心都無法回到17歲,但偶爾穿著簡單輕便的學院風似乎能喚回些赤子之心,連走路的步伐都輕盈了起來。朋友說,我看起是很像學生,不過是剛翻牆翹課出來遛達的那種,奇怪,我今早出門前還仔細看了看覺得就是個知識青年樣,難道不是嗎?

I always love back to school style not as the uniform kind but in a casual, young way. I still remember that when I first come to Italy, people thought I was just graduated from high school, aiiiiiiii. Though it’s impossible to go back to 17 both in physical and mental way, sometimes to dress in a back to school style can still refresh my mind. My friend said I did look like a student, but it’s the kind that ran away from school or the one you see in detention! That’s weird, I just double checked in the morning that I looked like a educated youth, how come? : P

What I was wearing:

jacket Bershka

top COS

skirt &other Stories

rings H&M

bag Vintage

sunglasses Unform

sneaker Nike

Photos by Eliana Kuo

All rights reserved by YUTOPIA

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