Au Jour Le Jour 2014 SS Resort

July 23, 2013

IMG_6900 copyIMG_6885 copy IMG_6868 copyIMG_6900 copy copyIMG_6882 copy IMG_6871 copy IMG_6875 copyIMG_6856 copyIMG_6900 copy copy2IMG_6904 copyIMG_6897 copy IMG_6859 copy我總是對奇怪東西一見鍾情,Au Jour Le Jour就是一個很好的例子,人生這麼多顛沛流離、曲曲折折,看到這樣歡樂的品牌認誰都很難拒絕吧!這次參見品牌2014 SS Resort,在蜿蜒的show room裡走到快往生總算來到這個stand(有種不禁一番寒徹骨,焉得梅花撲鼻香的感覺),瞬間又被小鴨鴨和小暴龍的治癒療效融化,進入一個連空氣中都彌漫着prints的世界。微微的90’s mood貫穿整個collection,如果Spice Girl現在還存活著,應該可以全團穿著Au Jour Le Jour開場演唱會。除了prints外我特別喜歡他們的See Through系列,硬挺的紗質洋裝現代又少女,還帶點小性感(但是裡面如果不加襯的話就是全裸)。這樣既有趣,又囊括運動風、女孩風、和閃亮無比風的Resort Collection,據說看完的人們都說好,也難怪是米蘭時尚Blogger們趨之若鶩的品牌之一啦。

This is love from the first sight, between me and Au Jour Le Jour (ok maybe it’s only me who’s showing the love haha). I love the happy theme soon as I saw the prints of Rubber Duck and cute little Tyrannosaurus!!!! They are also on my favorite style of clothes-SEE THROUGH!!! Others like crop top, denim, sporty that yelled out the 90’s style were so trendy also. I’ve heard that Au Jour Le Jour is everyone’s favorite in the showroom and I give no doubt. Seriously if Spice Girl is still active (and still in their early age) they can all find a perfect outfit here and make a concert right away. I’m still so enthusiastic while writing this post cuz it’s really one of my favorite discover recently.

I was originally wearing:

Tshirt  Some where from Korea

Necklace Vintage

Jeans  Zara

Sneakers ASH

All the additional clothes were from


Special thanks to



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