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Summer Time :)

July 16, 2013


Summer is here!! Though it’s still not the hottest period I’ve already sweat like a cow every single day, and I’m so glad that on August I will fly back to Taiwan and enjoy the harmony which provided by the air conditioner!!! As we all know Italians love to eat ice-cream, recently the famous brand Magnum has their first store in Duomo zone. I don’t understand why all the italians are crazy about it and willing to stay in a long line under the killing sun, you can buy it in any supermarket seriously! Therefore, I decided to come and see what kind of magic it has.DSC06236 copyDSC06253DSC06256 copyIMG_6930每個人能選三種配料,非常符合現代人著迷於客製化的風潮,我選了覆盆子、開心果還有愛心餅乾,其它讓我想嘗試的還有辣椒、焦糖鹽和跳跳糖,如果我還有機會再來吃的話。但是一隻雪糕4歐(160台幣)真的是………

You can personalized your ice cream bar with 3 kinds of dressing, what I chose were raspberry, pistachio and heart shape chips. There were others that I wanna try next time which are spicy pepper, carmel salt and popping candy, IF I would spend 4 euro again for a ice cream bar… DSC06251 copy

DSC06274 copyDSC06276 copyDSC06283 copy

anyway, the sunshine is more enjoyable with an ice-cream in my hand! and it looks so cute!


Address of Magnum: Piazza San Fedele 2 (Duomo)


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 Images by Tim Yu and Yu Lee

(so confusing hahahaha)

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