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July 5, 2013

IMG_6192 copy身為旅居他鄉的遊子,見到同樣來自台灣的朋友時總有股特別的熟悉和憐惜感,同樣的,見到同鄉在國外大放異彩時,驕傲的程度更是難以言喻!這天我拎着相機,一路從地鐵站狂奔至名店街,太 期 待Larusmiani新一季男裝長什麼樣子了!!!因為從這一季開始,男裝線設計師是我們來自台灣的好男孩王品傑呀!(以下簡稱PJ)

I’m a wanderer who lives far away from home, whenever I meet someone comes from my country, Taiwan, the emotion of mine will easily increases, not to mention when seeing a Taiwanese rise and shine in a foreign place. Ping Jie Wang, my very good friend in Milan has recently became the designer of the menswear of Larusmiani, and Italian luxury brand where you can find it in Via Montenapoleone. At the day of the presentation I was carrying my camera and ran to the showroom, was super exciting to see how the collection would look like!IMG_6250 copy IMG_6191 copy IMG_6188 copy IMG_6197 copy IMG_6187 copy IMG_6179 copyPJ說,這一季春夏新品的概念是“卡步裡島海灘度假風”,卡布裡島Capri是義大利南部的度假勝地,每到夏天人們搭着快艇前往花團錦簇的小島,享受地中海的陽光和南義的美食,度過慵懶又繽紛的假期。新品著墨於色塊的搭配,大面積鮮艷的用色是義大利男裝的拿手絕活,配上海軍風細節,連不喜歡海灘跟曬太陽的我看了都好想衝去度假。

The theme of this season is “Holiday in Capri”, PJ said. Whenever we talk about holidays, joy and color come into our mind, so does the season collection, bright color blocks for spring and summer were every where on the clothes. Most of the time I hate going to the beach and getting tan, but after seeing these I really wanna go straight to Capri for a vacation.

IMG_6176 copy儘管是休閒服飾也十分重視細節的處理,這樣才稱得上精品服飾。

The details on the casual line are important as well, it makes the different form luxury to ordinary.

IMG_6218 copy簡單的一件鋪綿外套,透過PJ的巧思,常見的菱格紋車線變成了鐵絲圍欄的圖樣。

See something different of this jacket? The sutures were not the simple pattern of rhombus, they are inspired from the fence of our back yard!

IMG_6215 copy「這件的花紋很像Super Man吧!」他說道。但他不知道眼前的他對我來說,更像個Super Man。

“I called this pattern Super Man, haha!” PJ said. I feel like talking to a real Super Man.

IMG_6206 copy IMG_6212 copy IMG_6210 copy我問PJ,右手邊那條方巾上的花紋是什麼,是子彈還是飛彈之類的嗎?(請原諒我就是這樣暴力的女子)結果他跟我說,這個花紋是以南義Capri卡步里島的制高點向下看,海面上游艇開過的樣子作為靈感,跟本季主題“卡步里度假風”相互呼應,我瞬間恍然大悟,設計師真的是人嗎你們?

I was asking PJ what the pattern is on the scarf, thought it might be bullets or missile (things like that, gosh I’m such a violent girl), his answer was: this is what you see when you stand at the highest place of Capri and look down to the ocean, these are the yachts on the surface of the sea. Super nice idea from the concept of this season “vacation at Capri”.IMG_6204 copy IMG_6202 copy IMG_6220 copy IMG_6237 copy模特兒們所展示的是品牌的經典正裝系列,有多像現代白馬王子。

Models are wearing the classic wear of Larumiani, looked like now a days prince charming.

IMG_6246 copy手工釘上去的鞋碼!

IMG_6185 copy

王品傑,2010年於實踐大學服裝設計學系畢業,隔年至米蘭Istituto Marangoni攻讀男裝碩士學位,2012年完成學業,現為Larumiani男裝正式簽約設計師。(寫到這我有喜極而泣感)

Pin-Jie Wang, graduated from Fashion Design department of Shih Chien University in Taiwan in 2010, later he finished the master degree of Menswear Design of Istituto Marangoni in Milan in 2012,  now he’s the official menswear designer of Larusmiani.

All Images by Yu Lee


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