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July 2, 2013

IMG_6153 copy這天我帶著身為press的一股傲氣(哪來的),超級邋遢,想說身為媒體應該不用跟其他人拼輸贏吧,於是穿著H&M的棉質長洋裝、黑色平底鞋直接前往Ports1961的新品發表會,結果一到場我簡直想拔腿就跑,奇怪怎麼平常醜不拉機(失敬)的攝影大哥都不見蹤影呢嗚嗚。言歸正傳,這次的presentation是出乎我意料地好,本以為就是大家關在一個房間裡看著模特兒穿戴新品站在台子上,想不到這是一場有如時空穿梭,像回到那個時裝秀還很小型卻精緻的年代的發表會。一進場就看見以新品布料包裹住的花器,賓客優雅地提著香檳交談著,我還納悶新品在哪,才知道樓上進行着小型秀場般的presentation,每15分鐘一場,讓你近距離欣賞新一季的collection。因進行了一整天現場人潮疏通的很剛好,有種參加私人發表會的感覺,像紀錄片上看過的那種,場地小卻很時髦,加上選在義式古典莊園內舉辦,真像回到過去。我非常喜歡這次的衣服,用色鮮艷,三角形的印花複雜的恰到好處,件件都可用於日常穿搭,這是我最欣賞義大利時尚的地方,就是要你實穿。

Do you know what I wore to this gorgeous presentation of PORTS1961? An H&M long dress and a pair of flats from TOPSHOP. Thought I was a press (not a blogger) so did’t mind what i was wearing but…Alright, let’s get to the point. It’s was such a pleasure to be invited to Ports1961’s 2014 SS presentation, at first I thought it might be the same as the one I’ve been to, some models standing inside the showroom and all the press and buyers walking around. Soon as I walked in I realized it was like a little fashion show that run over every 15 minutes, it was small but delicate, you’ll understand what I’m saying if you’ve seen those fashion shows in the past.  I like the collection very much, lively colors with geometric prints, gives out a delightful summer sense yet in nice silhouette. So Italian, so Chic.

IMG_6046 IMG_6050 copyIMG_6073 copy IMG_6076 copy IMG_6080 copy IMG_6083 copy IMG_6084 copy IMG_6086 copy IMG_6091 IMG_6089 IMG_6095 copy IMG_6093 copy IMG_6102 copy IMG_6100 copy IMG_6099 copy IMG_6096 copy IMG_6108 copy IMG_6111 copy IMG_6113 copy IMG_6115 copy IMG_6125 IMG_6123 copy IMG_6117 copy IMG_6058 copyIMG_6133 copy IMG_6142 copy IMG_6136 copy潛進後台一虧究竟,模特兒們到後台也不忘表情及姿勢管理,敬業程度相當,當紅的Jarrod Scott居然拎起我手上的相機自拍,搶鏡得好讓人臉紅心跳呀。

In the backstage I met all the models on the runway, they were not relaxing at all (maybe a little), whenever the sense my camera they were like posing for an editorial shooting, professional I’d say. And guess what while I was focusing on taking backstage photo someone held my hands up and do a selfie through my camera. Later I found out he was THE JARROD SCOTT (have received a lot of shame-on-you-didnt-know-who-he-was message lol), so cute.

IMG_6130 copy IMG_6149 copy

All Image by Yu Lee @ Ports1961 2014 SS

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