Messi The Best Party

June 27, 2013

IMG_5829 copyAs we all know other than runway shows and presentation, the most important issue of fashion week will definitely be PARTY, and speaking of party, we all say that Dolce e Gabbana knows better. The night is to celebrate the launch of limited edition T-shirt of Leo Messi, at Metropol. It was a glamorous night as usual where all the celebrities pass by in front of you. It’s so sad that my camera has been taken away soon after I took some photo of the event. The best thing of the party was not the open bar or the gorgeous performance, Dolce e Gabbana were still with us in the party!!! Seriously in my opinion in Italy there are wo many TAX issue happening and D&G are really not the first one should be send to jail. Anyway, enjoy the pictures :)

除了數不清的Fashion Show和新品發表會,時裝周的重頭戲非各大品牌的after party莫屬,而說到party,來自西西里的Dolce e Gabbana絕對是最懂得如何炒熱以及帶動氣氛的設計師二人組。地點依舊是品牌專屬秀場Metropol,慶祝和足球明星Leo Messi合作發行的限量版T桖,現場時尚名人雲集,派對手法也霸氣得一如往常,但最棒的還是看見Dolce e Gabbana親臨現場,這陣子逃稅風雲鬧得沸沸揚揚,本以為他們兩人會去避避風頭,見到他們二位安好我也算是心裡踏實許多(關我何事)。可惜一進場拍了幾張照片就被沒收相機,沒能拍到精彩的舞台表演,但還是有些有趣的照片,讓大家身歷其境一下囉:)

IMG_5813 copyIMG_5812 copy IMG_5830 copy IMG_5842 copyIMG_5860 copyIMG_5835 copyIMG_5854 copy

Yes, our guest DJ was Stefano Gabbana.

And here are some photos from my iPhone,photo 2-2photo 5-2photo 3photo 4-1

 All Images by Yu Lee

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