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Traditional Market

June 11, 2013

IMG_5196 copyTraditional markets, where you can get closer to the place you live and the people you live with. Since it’s getting warmer and warmer in Milan, I went to the market near my house this morning and have had a nice trip of both visual and gustatory. I can’t describe the excitement when I saw all the Mediterranean summer fruits are available again! After a purchase of a full bag of orange(size of my face), peach and cherry which only cost 6.5 Euro, we had a lunch(with mom) of baked chicken, caramari, and fries haha! Satisfaction!

在台灣逛菜市場,來米蘭也要逛傳統市場,畢竟這能讓你更加融入當地風土民情。人說義大利人跟台灣人很相像,我總說只有某部分(我們腦子似乎比較清醒),但這種傳統市集的熱情的確和逛菜市場的感覺很類似。義大利市集的蔬果不能自行挑選,必須排隊等老闆親自為你服務,趁機跟你聊個幾句,若你是亞州女生可以嘗試用生硬的義大利文跟老闆殺價(Mi do’ un po’ di sconto?),老闆聽了保證心花怒放亂打折,亞洲男生則不推薦此招我很抱歉,義大利是個絕對男女有別的國家。最近米蘭天氣逐漸回暖正是逛市集的好時機,看到我熱愛的地中海夏季水果全數回籠真是太開心啦,價錢又實惠,最後去熟食攤買只烤雞看炸花枝結束是極之旅,好不痛快!

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All Image by Yu Lee

Me by my Mom


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