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Let’s start with Duomo

June 11, 2013

IMG_5160 copyI was thinking, where’s the best place to start my first REAL blog post? And here I was, Duomo, the most known place of Milan. This is such a magical place that even though I’ve been here for 3 years I still can’t resist to take photo of it every time I pass by. This is the first time climbing to the top of it, the view was beautiful and it’s more breathe taking when you see all the detail at a closer point of view. You might ask how come I just climbed it now after 3 years staying here? Well, it is said that whomever climd the duomo before graduation, he/she will never achieve it in Marangoni. Hilarious, right?




IMG_5137 copy

IMG_5145 copy

IMG_5146 copy

IMG_5170 copy


All images by Yu Lee

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