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The Moments from Milan Fashion Week II

May 26, 2013


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When I was posting this there’s only one song in my mind, “Run the world” of Beyonce’!   Hope you recognize all of them. Pardon? Oh you mean where’s THE ANNA? Sorry I really don’t dare to ask her for a photo shoot, neither to post the sneaky photo here.  I was running after these women over and over not only that I need them in my report but also that I admire them. It must be so long long road to success like they do now.

pic.1 Old friends reunion after the show of PRADA 2013 SS, Giovanna Battaglia and Anna Dello Russo, caused a traffic jam of street shooters!

pic.2 Nina Garcia concentrated in the show, looks like project runway haha.

pic.3 Taylor Tomasi Hill is now the art director of Moda Operandi, a e-commercial shop where you can buy the show piece rignt after the show, she was still working for Marie Claire while this pic was taken.

pic.4 It’s so hard to take a photo of  Kate Lanphear all my shoots of her are her back. But I like it. She looks phenomenal even only with her back.

pic.5 Met Carine Roitfeld outside Bottega Veneta 14 AW, She’s wearing the show piece from MaxMara the day before.

pic.6 I don’t know who others are but there was Emanuelle Alt on the second left. looks like they are a group are they all from Vogue paris?

發這些相片時我在心裡大唱著碧昂絲的“Run The World”,是的,這幾位在時尚界各據山頭的女王級人物們讓我每回在時裝週時到處追著跑,報導需要為其次,而是我個人太崇拜這些一路走來過關斬將的女強人們。啊?你說怎麼沒有美國的安娜?由於我是打從心底的對她心生畏懼(尊敬),從來沒有膽子光明正大的正面拍攝過她所以…就算有些偷拍也不敢亂放我心臟真的很小。

圖一是Prada春夏2013下秀後在場外聊天的Giovanna Battaglia和Anna Dello Russo, 老友的聚會造成現場大塞車接拍攝影師們萬頭鑽洞局面。

圖二 大家肯定不陌生Nina Garcia,她在看秀我在對面看她,好像在看Project Runway!

圖三 我好喜歡的Taylor Tomas Hill,最美的時尚編輯非她莫屬。去年他從原本的Marie Claire US轉戰網路平台(, 堅強製作陣容,一個可以讓你立刻買到最新秀款的購物網站)當藝術總監。

圖四 Kate Lanphear永遠背對著我的偶像。

圖五 遇見Carine Roitfeld現任CR Book 總製作人,前Vogue Paris總編,身著前天剛上秀的MaxMara 2014秋冬新衣好大排場!

圖六 左二是現任Vogue Paris總編Emanuelle Alt,身邊不知是不是她的團隊,因為他們每次出現都風格一致所以可能性很大。

All Sourse: Yu Lee


Last but never the least, I give you Anna Wintour.


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