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Throw back to Jil Sander 2012-13 AW

May 24, 2013





Do you remember the last show of Raf Simons for Jil Sander? Oh yes, I do. Seeing teh latest collection of Dior 2014 Cruise made me remind of this show I attend. Maybe is my favorite show so far. Soon as I entered the show and saw all the flowers placed inside the shell, I could feel the ceremonial atmosphere. Quite emotional actually though I don’t even know Raf personally haha!

Jil Sander這個品牌一直以極簡著稱,但所謂的極簡對設計師來說其實充滿了挑戰,因為一切細節將成為成敗的關鍵,剪裁、用料、主題性缺一不可。我覺得所謂的極簡之王非Raf Simons莫屬。我之所以會想回朔這一場秀是因為儘管今年Raf在Dior大放異彩,將品牌推至新的美感境界,我還是時常懷念這場他為Jil Sander所監製的最後一個collection。一進場看見鮮花放置在透明殼中,還是不免讚嘆Raf連告別盛會都還是這麼有自己的風格!有點感傷就是了雖然我也不認識他本人。







In this show the tempo was very slow, with the music that created a atmosphere of serenity and everyone in the show seems like didn’t want this show to ever end. A very pastel, feminine, elegant yet still modern collection have been given by Raf with some random black or red pieces that high-lighten them all. This is it. I have to say though I love the total white nurse or color blocks maxi that he did before, this collection is the best of him for Jil Sander.

整場秀的步調非常慢,音樂的搭配加上參展台的設計讓模特兒們有穿梭在舞台上的效果,是一場讓人想看下去一輩子的時裝秀(現場來賓們也有種不想走的感覺)。Raf使用柔和的顏色創造出優雅、女性化卻有十足摩登的服飾,而時不時出現的紅色及黑色也是全場的亮點之一。這真的是有史以來我最喜歡的Raf’s collection。不同於之前的白色護士或是色塊運用,這場秀的成熟度堪稱完美。



Look at the runway!  Feels like magic right?



And this is the moment.

Well as we all can see that Raf is doing so well in Dior also, it’s no need to be that emotional now haha.


I think it’s just me that one who’s missing this.

Sourse: Yu Lee

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