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May 16, 2013

photo 4

 (my heels were in the beg that hanged on my arm,高跟鞋在手上啦~)

I participated the shooting of the new communication campaign of my school Istituto Marangoni. It was such a exciting experience, shooting by famous photographer Aldo Fallai, maybe the first and the last chance that I ever been staring something. The campaign was installed inside and out  the metro stations in the center of Milan during Salone del Mobile 2013 (Milan Design Week). Maybe you’ve seen me somewhere in Milan you just didn’t know it was me:)

今年初時我參加了校園廣告的甄選,並且很榮幸的有機會參與拍攝, 原以為只是小小的網路廣告,想不到竟讓我意外的於今年米蘭傢具展時出現在米蘭市中心的重要捷運站裡,當友人傳照片來時自己都嚇了一跳哈哈!這組照片是由知名攝影師Aldo Fallai所拍攝,事後回家google才發現原來位紅極一時和各大品牌合作過的攝影師

photo 2

 Doing a “portrait” with Aldo,攝影師說來拍個大頭照!

photo 1-1

The books that I stepped were for the composition not because I’m too short haha:D

photo 5-1

In San Babila M1

photo 5

 In Montenapoleone M3

Special thanks to my school Istituto Marangoni, this will definitely be one of the best things that have happened to me in Milan!

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