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Bottega Veneta 2013-14 AW

May 2, 2013

IMG_3898 copy

“The mirror set was so surprisingly beautiful!” this was the first thought in my mind while walking into the show.


IMG_3914 copy

Everytime while a model was walking out from backstage there was a very cool effect on the mirror ( like a kaleidoscope!)



  Did you see that effect??

IMG_3900 copy IMG_3913

These 2 are my favorite shoots from the show :)

IMG_3930 copy

Good seat to approach the designer Tomas Maier, right? : D


Let’s start with the pieces from the shows. 現在來看看秀圖吧!

Women's FW1314 - High - Look 8 Women's FW1314 - High - Look 11 Women's FW1314 - High - Look 13 Women's FW1314 - High - Look 6

These 4 are the pieces are the daily wear collection. As we all know the dresses from BV are all about the female elegance with retro theme (most of them are silhouette from 50’s, perfect for women’s body), this season Tomas has some thoughts of “pure”, there’s no extra prints or decorations on the clothes, only fabrics. By using special cuts to volume women’s shape, like the sector we saw on the shoulders, under the waist , or around the buttock. Pure fabric on a pure woman is the most powerful theme of this season.

首先介紹這四件平日可穿搭的系列。Bottega Veneta向來以復古的線條著稱,追求女性優雅的曲線又帶有知性感,本季設計師Tomas為這樣的女性化添加了更多小細節。說到更多,你可能會先想到綴飾、印花等等女人味的代表物,但實則不然!Tomas這次嚴格的探究布料最原始的形態,屏棄所有的五金配飾,用布料在女性身軀上作畫,透過特殊的剪裁來強調線條:肩膀、腰、以及臀部上的扇片設計就是最好的解釋,沒有其他的哩哩扣扣,用布料就能完美地呈現女人的線條。


and the sectors moves like waves while she walked.


Women's FW1314 - High - Look 29

Women's FW1314 - High - Look 7

You might ask now: “Hey! You said no prints!”, you know what, actually at the first sight I couldn’t figure out what that red pattern is, later I was being told that they are fabrics as well!!!! Tomas Boiled and Felted (highlight that!) the fabrics to make the effect like prints. Well, I think not everyone can accept this concept but I think it’s Genius, the red one looks a bit like she’s wounded and bleeding which just so fits my weird mind!


now is some other things for the day

IMG_3864 copy

Met  Carine Roitfeld outside, she was wearing the new collection of  MaxMara that just showed the day before!

遇見前VOGUE PARIS總編Carine Roitfeld, 她穿著昨天才剛下秀的MaxMara13-14秋冬新款,好大的排場!!

IMG_3894 copy

The show is 8:30 in the morning so everybody waas having a Breakfast at Bottega Veneta (and yes tha’s ADR)

早上8:30的秀大家人到了身體卻還沒醒,一起吃個”BV早餐”開始這一天(看到VOGUE JAPAN的ADR了嗎?)


Last but not least is me taken by ELLE UK! Haha I looked so unawake  but wearing the jumpsuit from Jil Sander by Raf.

這天還被ELLE UK在秀的門口街拍了一張完全沒睡醒的照片!連身褲是Jil Sander我的愛的喲

You can see the show in HQ and be amazed now.


Sources: Photos by Yu Lee,  runway photos by Bottega Veneta


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